April 20, 2011

old sticker pics & falsies . . kinda . . again

I feel like I keep posting pics of falsies, but they make me happy WTF -_-

 In order from favourite to least favourite (left-right in pics). But I confess I haven't worn any of these outside yet. 
Middle & right are a bit . . . drag imo hahaha they just look good in the box. -_-

lol . . wtf *must show I am not that girly?
I didn't like the empty spaces anyways =p

uhm ok . . I almost have 40 pairs now aha. yeh, nothing better to do =3=
I actually really like Daiso lashes. When I applied them at first, it was really crappy cuz I did it wrong. *ihasimproved^^V

S t i c k e r   P i c s / P u r i k u r a

The . . bad ones. Don't really know why I'm posting these, they look . . . WHY DID WE DO THIS LOLOL *doesnotunderstand!
I kinda used the small size because I never zoom in on pics lol -_- & def don't want to zoom in on these
But these are the pics that made me laugh the most lol -_______-
. . . ok done, move on! just wanted to get it over with  

All these pics were taken in gr 7 I think. 

 look, horsie!

LOLOLOLOL prisc!! 2nd pic from top right!! my favourite pic ahhaahhhahhahaa the things we did back then gah (more like the things she did LOL)

I got a solo pic cuz she was trying to do something with the machine =x too slow!

cute . . bubble on my cheek 

haha do I look really young? It seems like it. My face was chubbier back then but still kinda is lol
ahhh now I wanna take sticker pics with Glo-worm!

Now that I look back at these pics I don't think my appearance has changed a lot.

I took most of the pics on my sister's Coach box because it had the best surface.
& I was watching Criminal Minds at the same time.
CSI is much better than CM though, CM seems a lot more cheesy & planned out in a way.
The episode I watched was disturbing though, & I had a really fucking nasty nightmare about it x________x
**don't breastfeed your kids when they're 7 years old pls!

I was actually gonna post this a few days ago but things didn't go as planned . . it feels a very half-assed now x__x 
my mood is like the calm before a storm- . . . or something like that. okbye!
April 2, 2011

back to hell.


LOL just because ^^
I got the Asian eyes . . . Sushi got the fuck me eyes. =3=
I just noticed my avi's skin tone is more yellow & hers is pink.

Search Keywords for my blog. ^

I know who the quickie bj & jaekayy blow is ahaha

but . . . "first time my sis gave me a bj" . . . LOLOLwtf . . . 


 I made this in elementary school! It's hanging in my bedroom wall hehe. I still think it's kinda cute. 
We used straws to blow the brown ink & used the ends of pencils to shape the blossoms.


What's with my false eyelash . . . okay I don't wanna say fetish because that just reminds me of weird things LOL

I wonder how many pairs of falsies I have now . . . a lot. =3= haha oh well, they're all the cheap ones since I don't wanna ruin any expensive ones. I'm still super noob! =x

Anypoo . . I saw Dolly Wink stuff in Aberdeen.
But it's like $30-$40 for the falsies wtf LOL
They don't look that good anymore, after I saw them irl.

+, Sasa sells them for around $13 . . . Ahh guess who's gonna buy truckloads from Sasa in the future!

OwO future.

ok bye let me be depressed in the sunlight & horrible thought that I have 1 day left of spring break with hardly any homework done. *emo* fmlfml
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