March 21, 2014

Alpha Hydrox - Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA Anti-Wrinkle Review

Time to review my favourite moisturizer for acne prone skin/scars/wrinkles~

A few years ago I had really bad acne which left me with a lot of acne scars & dark spots so I started looking for scar reducers and chemical exfoliators.
I bought this after looking at reviews for an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid/glycolic acid) exfoliator on makeupalley & paulaschoice.

AHAs remove dead skin cells from the skins surface without needing to scrub your face with physical exfoliators.

When I first started using it, it gave me a really bad rash on my cheeks and dried out the skin between my nose/cheeks which caused my skin to crack (painful)
I would recommend using it once a day at night with another moisturizer to get used to it if you feel that your skin is too sensitive.

Application of the lotion on dry skin can leave a slight white cast and sticky feeling but it goes away within a few minutes. I find that applying the lotion on slightly damp skin is the best.

The product makes your skin more sensitive (especially to the sun) so it might take some getting used to.
Also if you have active acne/open cuts on your face it will really sting so avoid those areas!

I used to have a deep line in my forehead but now it's hardly noticeable after using this lotion for a few months. I'm so happy my forehead wrinkle is gone!
With continual use my acne scars have also faded. My skin somehow became firm yet softer at the same time (in a good way).

I've had this product for about 1 year and a half & am only just finishing the bottle. I didn't use it for a few months but it still lasts quite a long time & for a cheap price.

- reduces the appearance of wrinkles/dark spots/scars
- softens+brightens skin for a healthy look
- fragrance free
- cheap price compared to some other AHA products

- increases skin sensitivity to sunlight 
- can irritate/sting skin & can cause redness upon application
- can be drying for sensitive skin

Overall this is definitely one of my favourite lotions. 
It really makes the whole appearance of your skin much better/brighter & does everything that it claims to do by lifting dead skin cells, revitalizing/restoring skin by renewing moisture & reducing wrinkles/scar/skin discolourations.
I recommend that you try this product out & if you do, remember to wear sunscreen everyday!~

March 4, 2014

Puzzle and Dragons ~ Team used to beat Hera Descended - Legend - Goddess of the Darkness

TEAM USED: 50% Dark Resist + Awoken Odin 
Chaos Devil Dragon x / Dark Golem Mk.II x / Enchantress of the Sea, Siren x / Empress of the Serpents, Echidna x / Keeper of Rainbow x / Awoken Odin x (helper)

Team HP ~ 10 000, minimum HP required = 8214 because even with CDD & Awoken Odin, Hades will hit you that amount.

All monsters are quite easy to get & don't necessarily have to be a high level, although it'd help.
However you do need a max skilled Siren to heal constantly.
Auto healers are very helpful but I didn't have any except for Awoken Odin.

^ Useful demonstration to beating Hera Descended
Party Suggestions on the Puzzledragon site
Strategy Guide
Strategy Guide 2

Floors 1-4: Hardest floors. Try to kill monsters asap. On each floor attack but leave 1 monster to charge all your skills before going to the next floor. Use CDD's Hell Ball, Dark Golem's Armor Break & Awoken Odin's Gungnir as necessary.

Floors 5-10: Heal back to full health every time before you get hit & you'll survive. Use all skills as soon as they activate (slightly helpful to use Armor Break before)
Venus & Hera are the hardest because they hit every turn. Use Siren, Echidna & Rainbow Keeper to heal/stall/reduce damage.

*Floor 8: Neptune's defense is 72 000. Neptune's poison is good against him(self?) if you have him.
I replaced Witch of the Night, Lilith with the Dark Golem because it seems to take less time.
-> Dark Golem & Awoken Odin's skill activates every 17 turns so use Armor Break and Gungnir 2x for Neptune (34 turns) instead of waiting for her poison to kill him (~50 turns).
But Lilith is good to have for RCV so either monster seems fine.

You probably won't even need to stone this dungeon with this relatively weak team but it also depends on luck & how good you are at orb changing.
(I used 1 stone because I was distracted & didn't heal properly on floor 7 w/ Ceres ... so don't get distracted!!)

Completing this dungeon took about 1 hour and a half but it will be worth it because you'll have Hera!

-hurry do the dungeon it ends in 4 hours

I'm basically just posting this for my own reference & if anybody wants a guide that says "YES, you can do this dungeon with kind of low level monsters" ^^
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