August 19, 2014

new haircut!

After waiting for months, I finally cut my hair last week! It's because I'm such a procrastinator that it didn't happen until now.

I went to John Casablancas to get my hair cut ($10 cut from a student). The haircut took about 3 hours x_x My neck was in such pain after (also because of work) but the hair stylists and instructors were really nice~

I have a lot of hair so my haircut took longer than my sister's haircut, which was about 2 hours.

This is the photo I showed the hairstylist, and I told her to cut it exactly the same way. I wanted a simple, slightly layered bob haircut.
She cut off about 3 inches and I'm pretty happy with how it was cut even though it's a bit uneven on one side 

(The girl is an actor from the Aku no Hana anime. I'm sorry I don't remember the source)
Now I keep unconsciously tilting my head because of the unevenness ugh 
Also, straight bangs look so bad on me so I just stayed with side bangs.

My tired face after work and shopping lol
Short hair is so much more manageable and easy to have~~ Now I actually have motivation to take care of my hair because I know I won't cut all the ends off until a few months later.
Although I like my hair, I think this length doesn't really match me x_x I can't wait for it to grow out a bit.

ahahaahahahahahahaha it looks so gross from the back when I completely comb it down (left). If I don't mess up my hair a bit, I totally look like Edna Mode from The Incredibles, it's so embarrassing. 
I have too much hair for a light, bouncy bob =3=

My hair usually falls into place so I don't have to style it much, other than straightening my bangs and using Gatsby Air Rise Moving Rubber to create some texture.


lizzi3marshall said...

That’s so clever of you to bring a photo guide. Is that a product of not getting your desired result during your previous haircuts? XD Oh well, we’ve all been there. Haha! On a serious note though, it looks great on you! How many bob haircuts have you tried again?

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