June 16, 2012

Daiso Gets + End of the Crappiest School Year!!


A week ago I went to the cute Japanese (mostly) $2 shop called Daiso! I rarely go there but when I do, I want to buy so many things =o= They have too many cute & useless things.


Cute stationary/letters~ 

 Straight Lower Lashes

 Never tried lower lashes >< hopefully I don't fail at putting them on too 

oh & I received these items from tofupandahime's giveaway! Thank you :)
soo happy I got new falsies even though I suck at putting them on =3=
I'm actually excited to try the Eye Charm as I've heard it can be used as both double eyelid glue & false eyelash glue!


pissed end-of-school-rant. I've been keeping this in for 10 months . . excuse the swear words haha ><;;

=3=   ah . . .  FINALLY THE HORROR IS OVER. School is done! I'm so sick of it. 
I feel so repetitive, but I really, really, really hated this year. It was so depressing.

Hm. It's the 1st year I've ever gone through without signing one yearbook at all. I was planning to sign like . . . 2 peoples yearbooks, but my school's fucking stupid lol. 
They gave yearbooks out at the end of the day, but made people stay in their homeroom for about 30 mins. They kept on saying "Go to homeroom or go home!" 
 So if we don't buy a yearbook, we have to leave & not sign other peoples.  =o= . .

Anyway the atmosphere of the school was absolutely horrible. So were the teachers and students. I don't know why they're always so fucking anal. It's like they think just because it's a new, improved school, their status improved as well. What a disgusting & condescending ego boost they've received. With their fake smiles & teeth. lol.
The receptionist was such a bitch to me on the last day too. She literally threw my service hour sheet at me because she didn't need it anymore & didn't understand what I was talking about. Hello, I came to you for help because another teacher asked me to. I didn't understand exactly what I was talking about either because I had to go back & forth between the office and counsellors office like 3 times.. -___- 

Good riddance to the disgusting shithole. 

You can spend 50.5 million to make a new school & image, but that won't improve the quality of what's inside the building. 


Gloworm said...

Your school is over now?
Envy you so much -_-
My school year ends two weeks later and I have finals tomorrow ^p^

Jer said...

yeah~ aww good luck on your finals! <3
I have one tmrw too D;

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