July 29, 2014

Puzzle and Dragons ~ Wadatsumi Descended! - Awoken Skills Invalid - Ocean God - Legend - Team Build

TEAM USED: HP x4, ATK x2.7, RCV x2 for Dark Attribute Cards

 BAO Batman+Remote Claw x / Queen of Condemnation, Persephone x / Nocturne Chanter, Tsukuyomi x / Enchantress of the Sea, Siren x / Underlord Arch Hades x / Rebel Seraph Lucifer x (helper)

Siren must be max skilled. Persephone and Tsukuyomi can be subbed out for other orb changers/dark monsters. A dark team is easiest to avoid fire and wood binds.

Team HP ~ 55 000 
Minimum HP required ~ 40 000 (unless using resist/odin team)
Leviathan (floor 2) will hit ~39 000Siren (floor 5) and Wadatsumi (floor 6) will hit ~25 000.

Another almost completely REM team 

Some alternative non-REM monsters for a mono-dark team:
 Dark Liege, Vampire Duke x , Awoken Hera x and Keeper of Rainbow x

I tried to screenshot the finishing hit but failed again oops
Team builds on Puzzledragonx

Floors 1-3: Attack/heal normally. Use skills for Leviathan if needed to speed things up.

Floor 4: Umisachi&Yamasachi will absorb 100% wood damage for 10 turns. Attack normally and use skills if needed.

Floor 5: Siren's first skill will bring your HP -99%. Use your Siren's skill to heal (make sure you keep red orbs on the board) or Batman's delay.

Floor 6: Use Hades' Gravity skill and Lucifers' Morning Star when his HP is ~18%. Always make more than 4 combos!! Wadatsumi's skill will absorb 100% of the damage you cause for combos 4 and under for 999 turns. So basically 4+ combo your way to victory~

Overall, a pretty easy descend. 10-20 minutes.
I completed the dungeon 2x but no drop 
July 22, 2014

Puzzle and Dragons ~ Team used to beat The Thief Descended! - Chivalrous Thief - Legend

TEAM USED: HP x4, ATK x2.7, RCV x2 for Dark Attribute Cards

 BAO Batman+Remote Claw x / Queen of Condemnation, Persephone x / Nocturne Chanter, Tsukuyomi x / Awoken Phantom God, Odin x / Underlord Arch Hades x / Rebel Seraph Lucifer x (helper)

Team HP ~ 70 000 
Minimum HP required ~ 21 000 
Ishikawa Goemon's Ninja Fireworks first turn will hit 20 250.

I apologize that this is a complete REM team 

Some alternative non-REM monsters for a mono-dark team:
 Dark Liege, Vampire Duke x , Awoken Hera x and Keeper of Rainbow x

I tried to screenshot the finishing hit but failed oops
Team builds on Puzzledragonx

Floors 1-3: Stall for Hades' Ultra Gravity active skill. Watch your HP and attack/heal.

Floor 4: Try to make as many combos as possible and save all the skills for the last level. *If you use an unevolved Lucifer, you can avoid the Water Bind.

Floor 5: Use active skills in this order -> Hades, Phantom God Odin, Persephone, Tsukuyomi. That should bring the HP down to about 50%. Batman's Delay skill is useful if you find yourself with low health. Attack normally until HP is around 14%, then use Lucifer's skill to clear the dungeon! 

Overall, quite an easy dungeon that takes about 15 minutes or less.

Ishikawa Goemon
July 18, 2014

OOTD - [Lazy Day] Casual Summer Outfit #1

I had to go out for a few hours so I decided to wear a simple outfit that covered all of my skin to protect myself from the sun. (also because on that day I was too lazy to wear sunscreen)

Why am I doing some sort of chicken pose lol . . next to chicken wire also -_-

I rolled my pants above my ankles for a more summery look~


Grey Cardigan - Bluenotes
Tank Top - Danskin
Burgundy Pants - Decree
Black Shoes - Urban Behavior

First time taking pictures outside . . . obviously I haven't quite gotten this figured out yet. Perching my camera + tripod on a small surface while using the self timer is precarious business.
So yeah, sorry for overexposed photos from super bright sunlight (& awkward poses), but I guess they do give a nice glowy effect.

The weather these days has been blazing hot. Wearing long sleeves seems like a good idea for extra sun protection until you start sweating . . but I persevered. I am determined not to tan this summer!!
July 14, 2014

DIY - Japanese Temari Ball (Flower Design)

Japanese Temari Ball (Flower Design)

Another project from my textiles arts and crafts class a year ago!

Temari ball is a decorative/embroidery ball that can have many different designs (from simple to elaborate/complicated). For my craft, I decided on a simple design with a few colors (white, light pink, gold and brown)
It may look simple and plain, but it takes a lot of time to make! If you're looking for a time consuming craft, this is it.

In process . . .

Applying and sewing the outer flower design with gold and brown 3-piece embroidery thread
 The light pink thread divides the ball into 8 sections

 Making an 8 point flower design in the middle with light pink thread.
I initially chose an orange/gold design but later switched it to brown/gold.
I thought that a dark color would contrast well with the lighter neutral colors.

 Using light pink thread to create a rose pattern in the middle (left)
Side view of the temari ball (right)

We weren't actually given instructions on how to make designs on the temari ball, so I searched online and found a basic flower shape. If you search online you can see some very elaborate and detailed embroidery which definitely puts my temari ball to shame ;o;
Using a fine/thin sewing thread for the base of the design looks better than a medium sized thread because it creates a smoother effect. I used a medium sized thread because I was lazy lol

- Small styrofoam ball (OPTIONAL, just makes it faster/easier to wind the thread around), medium sized thread or wool, sewing thread, sewing needle, pins and scissors.

Quick How-To Make / Instructions

Step 1
Use the medium sized thread or wool to wrap around the styrofoam ball until you can no longer see the ball. Once you have your desired size, tuck the thread into the ball. Or skip the styrofoam ball because that is so non-traditional and use the thread from start lol.
Step 2
Use sewing thread to wrap around the ball until the medium sized thread or wool underneath can no longer be seen. Tuck the thread into the ball so it won't stick out.
Step 3
Pin a "north" and "south" pole at opposite ends. Use pins to make an equator and also pin the halfway area between the north/south pole and equator. The area from the "north" to "south" pole will have 4 sections divided in horizontal lines.
Use pins to divide the ball into 8 sections forming vertical lines from the "north" to "south" pole, like orange slices by measuring 1/8th sections with paper.
Place pins to mark the sections and sew dividing lines with sewing thread. 
Step 4
Google how to make nice designs because that shit is fucking hard. HERE is a nicely detailed tutorial. Refer to Figure E if you're confused about the 8 section orange slice part.
Even though I'm writing from personal experience of making the ball, I am of no help here, sorry.

Okay so this tutorial may not be really helpful but if you have any questions let me know, and I'll try to answer them the best I can~

At the end of my class I think I lost 10% of my grade because I skipped the last few days LOL... I finished all my projects though -_-
July 11, 2014

Eye Charm Double Eyelid/Eyelash Glue Review

The glue comes with an instruction sheet and a double eyelid stick

 The instructions/directions are in Japanese if you can read them~

The Eye Charm Double Eyelid/Eyelash Glue was the first eyelid glue I ever tried and probably the last.
I tried using it for double eyelids and false eyelashes. I really wanted this to work out but it didn't :( 

Reasons why I don't like this glue:
- The glue is really sticky and messy. It's also doesn't give a discreet appearance and is a bit easy to see on eyelids.
- The glue is initially very strong but quickly loosens. The glue didn't hold my eyelids together (it made my eyelids more single).
- It feels very uncomfortable to have your eyelids sticking together, especially when you close your eyes. I can't imagine going out with it. It felt so bad that I ended up washing it off every time I tried it.
- The worst part is that it is SO hard to remove! Regular eye make-up remover doesn't even remove this glue and if you use it on false eyelashes you probably won't be able to reuse them. Even after I tried to remove it there was leftover sticky residue that felt gross. This is probably the main reason why I really don't like this glue. 

After looking at other reviews, I'm guessing this might be a fake product since the packaging is different. The bottle says "Colour Soft" instead of  "Eye Charm" and the English says "fou" instead of "for". -__-;;
So maybe this review isn't particularly helpful other than to warn you not to buy it if it looks like the photos above because  . . it's pretty bad.
I received this product from another blog's giveaway so I'm not sure where she got it from. x__x  It's probably better to buy a more popular brand or look for legit sellers.

1/5 stars

Or maybe 0. It's completely useless for me.

Although I'm giving this a negative review, take in mind that I'm not really good at applying the glue to make double eyelids. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, but it may work for others especially if you are better at applying it. I just can't stand products that are hard to remove (like waterproof mascara).
Finding the right area to apply the glue can also be difficult, even with video tutorials if you have a different eye shape.

Eyelid glue and double sided double eyelid tape are decidedly put on my list of "irritating things."

July 4, 2014

OOTD - Crop tops! 6.30.14

Apparently crop tops are quite popular now because when I went to Forever21 & H&M I couldn't find my size! =o=

I'm surprisingly into crop tops now, but I'm not sure if I want to buy them because I would probably only wear them with high waist pants & I don't have many of those. Also, I'd feel a bit self conscious about my stomach after I eat/drink.

 I actually don't mind how the larger size looks on me (since it covers more of my stomach), but I want a smaller neckline so I'll probably go back some other time & see if they have my size.
Hmm... I want a shirt that is just below the belly button. I really can't stand wearing long shirts because they make me look shorter than I already am.

Jeans - Reitmans / Shoes - Converse

On a sort of side note . . crop tops make your chest look bigger 

I'm looking at these photos and thinking...I look so short!! why!! well I actually am short but I feel like the angles at which I took these photos made me look even shorter TT-TT

I rushed these pictures quickly because I went to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction in 3D w/ my friend & she wanted to play Time Play (which is SUPER LAME BTW!!).
The movie was really good! I loved the animation but I'm not sure why the father-daughter relationship part seemed forced. I don't know how to explain it, but it was a bit corny haha

Is grey or black better?? Should I get both? ahh
July 1, 2014

Daiso Everbilena Waterproof Eyebrow Coat Review

Every so often I go to Daiso & pick something out just for the sake of trying something new.
I saw this Eyebrow Coat by Everbilena on another blog & decided to try it! After all it's only $2~

 The product looks similar to a nail polish bottle+brush

Instructions: Shake well before use. After applying your eyebrow make-up, put a little on the brush and lightly apply one coat in a single stroke. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyebrows until it has dried. 

I wore it for a whole day in the gross hot sun & it really works! 
It's great for summer when it gets hot/humid & you get really sweaty. 

I wiped my eyebrow at the end of the day and the color didn't smudge or come off at all. Only when I rubbed at it really hard, little balls of product came off, but usually that won't happen accidentally in your daily life.

Rating: ★★★★★ 
5/5 stars

It is simple, cheap & works really well for setting your eyebrow make up and keeping your eyebrows in place. No need to buy expensive eyebrow coats

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