April 25, 2014

Revlon Colorsilk Hair Dye Review in Burgundy #48

 Revlon Colorsilk Hair Dye Review 
in Burgundy #48

Revlon® ColorSilk™ gives you natural-looking, even colour from root to tip that stays beautiful between colourings. It is formulated to penetrate every strand with its gentle, ammonia-free formula and after-colour conditioner with nourishing silk proteins. Hair looks silkier, shinier and healthier than before you coloured.

100% grey coverage.
Leaves hair in better condition.
Available in a range of 16 brilliant shades.

ColorSilk™ permanent haircolour can be used on natural, colour-treated, relaxed or permed hair.

I was chosen for the Revlon Selects program so I received hair dye & mascara :D Thank you!

The box includes an After-Color Conditioner, Ammonia free colorant, Cream Color Developer, Gloves and an Instruction Manual.

End result:




Excuse the condition of my hair, I was always too lazy to take care of it.

My natural hair color is a normal, typical black, so I don't have any specific "before" pics.

Application is simple but made a lot easier if you have someone to help you (especially with covering the back of the head).

Although the color difference is not too obvious I really like it. The hair dye gives a nice tint of color that is quite noticeable in direct natural sunlight. Indoors, my hair looks black or a dark brown.

The color, although subtle in dark lighting, really is an improvement to black hair (which looks kind of dull).

The hair dye is ammonia free so my hair didn't feel damaged. After I dyed my hair & rinsed it out, my hair felt a bit like straw but after a few washes it was the same as before. The After-Color Conditioner is pretty good and left my hair feeling smooth.

I used 1 box for above shoulder length hair & there was a bit too much product.
My mom also used this to dye her hair & it covered all of her grey hairs. She has short hair and only used half the bottle, so if you have very short hair you can dye your hair with someone else~

After a few weeks the red color fades slightly so I was left with a soft brown color and less tints of red. I dyed my hair sometime last year before August 2013, and now in April 2014 my hair is still colored a slight brown.

I'm not sure about the price but apparently it's quite cheap when on sale in the U.S. However, in Canada, it's more expensive.

- leaves hair soft and shiny
- ammonia free
- hardly damages hair
- didn't irritate skin
- covers grey hairs

- may not bring enough color change for those with black hair

January 2014

... This post was started August 2013 but is only being posted now lol leave it up to me to take almost 9 months to write a damn post. 

Although in my defense I couldn't use my computer where all the pictures were saved. Now that I can access my computer, look forward to more posts from 1 year ago! I guess.  
April 1, 2014

Clothing Haul - San Francisco / Portland / B.C

Since I'm too lazy to edit & upload all my San Francisco pics (yet) I decided to just make a haul post of things that I've bought since January. (pic heavy)

The 1st three items are from Daiso~

The only problem is that I don't have the right shoes to wear them with T-T. They would look cute with flats or any other shoes that are open in the front~

 This small, thin hairbrush is really great for short hair or if you have a bob hairstyle. I use it to brush/curl the ends of my hair inwards while drying.

 $2 & I needed a thin belt

The next 6 items are from Ross and Marshalls stores in Portland, Oregon.

 Floral Top from Ross  ~$9
I've always loved florals & sheer/lace tops~ It's also nice that the shirt isn't too long & the bottom has this slight |bubble/poofy| effect.

idk the brand of this shirt since the tag is just a heart

Sheer Black Button Down - Ambiance Apparel  $6
This brand is usually found in the store called Papaya, where I also bought another similar shirt.

Blue Hoodie - Cotton On  $13
This is seriously the most comfortable hoodie I've ever had. I never want to take it off..
I wish we had Cotton On stores in Canada =3=

High Waisted Distressed/Ripped Jeans - Iris Jeans  $13
I'm so glad I tried these on even though the size wasn't my normal size. It fits perfectly ^^

ootd w/ these jeans. They're super comfy~

Black Shorts w/ Zipper detail - HAZE  ~$8
Really nice shorts that make your butt look good lol.
Also they're not too low on the hips which is one of the most annoying things about shorts.

Black Pants - BCBG  $11
Simple, comfortable black pants that are similar to leggings.

Yes, I had to take this stupid picture & yes you have to look at it.

Another ootd w/ these pants but it's super useless because they look like leggings. Just enjoy my mickey mouse t-shirt & new haircut from 3 months ago lol

Jeggings & Jeans - Reitmans  $6 each
These jeggings are super comfortable & the best thing is that they're petite!! 
Shorter people know the pain of always trying on jeans that go way below your heel and bunch up around your ankles. =__=   Petite sized pants are such a pain to find.
I never really thought to go in that store but my mom dragged me in. Reitmans was having an end of season sale so they were quite cheap (40% off sale price)~
Also what is up with womens pants sizes. Apparently I can wear size 0-7 wtf.

Saturday Trail Str. Long Sleeve Shirt - Columbia Sportswear Company  $13

I've been looking for a simple white button up for the longest time and didn't expect to find one in this sportswear store. The quality is really nice (much better than F21, a store that I try to avoid now) and the tags claim to do a lot of useful things. 
I guess the only problem with shopping here is that I never play sports or wear sports clothing LOL.. also the sizes are made for women so most of the clothes are too big for teens.
I also got these in Portland at a Columbia outlet store.

Annnd the highlight items of my trip!

Hooded Technical Pop-zup Windcheater (Nautical Navy/Flro Pink) - Superdry  $40

Hooded Technical Pop-zup Windcheater (Camo) - Superdry  $40

I didn't do a lot of shopping in San Francisco since it was mostly sightseeing but I did go to one mall.
There was a Superdry store in Westfield San Francisco Center where they were having this huge sale (which apparently they don't do often) so I got 2 jackets for $40 each! The original price on the tag was $135.
The first time I'd ever seen this brand was in San Fran, & the moment I saw it I wanted it. 

I added the prices of everything I bought to show that you can have a decent wardrobe without spending tons of $$. (Also I want to remember for my own sake)

I'm lucky enough to be able to shop in the U.S a lot. Places like Ross, Marshalls (even Winners maybe) sell brand name quality clothing at decent prices.
Shopping in Canada is painful though because everything seems so expensive. I almost never buy anything unless it's on sale. Literally, the first place I go to is the sale section. & don't be embarrassed if you do that because who wants to spend tons of money on things that aren't always worth it?

I have never bought anything over $20 (excluding jackets & shoes bc that's just unfair) in my whole damn life okay LOL. I don't get every piece of clothing I want but it's okay. Besides in the end I kind of want everything & that's just not gonna happen lol. 

Sometimes having less clothing can let you be more creative with how to mix and match old clothes to create new outfits.
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