August 19, 2014

new haircut!

After waiting for months, I finally cut my hair last week! It's because I'm such a procrastinator that it didn't happen until now.

I went to John Casablancas to get my hair cut ($10 cut from a student). The haircut took about 3 hours x_x My neck was in such pain after (also because of work) but the hair stylists and instructors were really nice~

I have a lot of hair so my haircut took longer than my sister's haircut, which was about 2 hours.

This is the photo I showed the hairstylist, and I told her to cut it exactly the same way. I wanted a simple, slightly layered bob haircut.
She cut off about 3 inches and I'm pretty happy with how it was cut even though it's a bit uneven on one side 

(The girl is an actor from the Aku no Hana anime. I'm sorry I don't remember the source)
Now I keep unconsciously tilting my head because of the unevenness ugh 
Also, straight bangs look so bad on me so I just stayed with side bangs.

My tired face after work and shopping lol
Short hair is so much more manageable and easy to have~~ Now I actually have motivation to take care of my hair because I know I won't cut all the ends off until a few months later.
Although I like my hair, I think this length doesn't really match me x_x I can't wait for it to grow out a bit.

ahahaahahahahahahaha it looks so gross from the back when I completely comb it down (left). If I don't mess up my hair a bit, I totally look like Edna Mode from The Incredibles, it's so embarrassing. 
I have too much hair for a light, bouncy bob =3=

My hair usually falls into place so I don't have to style it much, other than straightening my bangs and using Gatsby Air Rise Moving Rubber to create some texture.
August 13, 2014

Food Edition ~ Photo Dump (Diary) - August 2014

I'm planning for this new "Photo Dump (Diary)" thing to be a (bi-)monthly thing just to upload old/new/random pictures that don't fit elsewhere.

Mango Mochi Bubble Tea @ Bubble Queen

It looks good but I actually didn't really like it. It's $6 of overpriced, bland and too sweet liquid. The rice balls tasted really disgusting even though I normally like mochi. 

Mango and Pomegranate Gelato + Lychee and Green Tea Gelato
@someplace downtown

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!


ughh these doughnuts are the best TT-TT I'm so sad they don't have many shops here.
I usually don't like cakes/cupcakes/other baked sweets but doughnuts man... doughnuts..

My mom brought home this Chocolate Ganache Cake from Whole Foods and it is by far ... the most disgusting cake I've ever had LOL. I guess if you love chocolate you'll like it, but it was really weird... Is ganache literally supposed to by a cake shaped chunk of chocolate?

Passion Fruit Slush + Calpice & Mango Slush
@ The One Restaurant and Estea
August 1, 2014

July '14 Clothing Haul (H&M, ROSS, FOREVER21)

July has been quite a busy month for me (I got a job yay) and hopefully August will be busy as well. I went shopping (gotta reward myself for hard work yo) and found a few items.
So let's start off with what I bought from H&M~

White Lace Crop Top + Black Lace Crop Top 

I lovee the design with the lace and solid texture on the sides

I saw these tops for $5 each in the sale section (because that's basically the only place I'll buy clothes) and urgg,
 lace plus crop top?? Yesyesyes.
Can't wait to wear them with high waisted pants! I got them a size up so they were more comfortable and a bit longer.

One Piece Leotard??

 This shirt is so form fitting that I feel a bit uncomfortable =3= but I thought this would be a nice as a normal t-shirt since I always get annoyed with excess fabric bunching up when I try to tuck shirts inside pants.
There are buttons on the crotch area for bathroom convenience so I kinda feel like a baby in a onesie . . .

 Ok so I didn't actually buy the sweater and skirt but I thought they were nice.
The cropped sweater was really cute, but even size small was too chunky and long on the arms. I look like a square wtf. The skirt wasn't high waisted enough and the fabric was too thin.

Black Bomber Jacket
My fave~ Such a nice jacket ;o; Thin and slightly baggy for a comfortable look/feel.

Over the weekend I went to the States and found 2 items from ROSS.

BOZZOLO White Shirt w/ Mesh Stripes
 Ever since I saw these shirts for sale on the EMODA website, I've been in loveee with the look. I think the horizontal stripes/sports shirt look is really cute and sporty . . even though I don't like anything sports related. Other than sports anime but that's completely different ;o;

IRIS JEANS Acid Wash High Waist Jeans

This is the second time I've bought Iris Jeans from Ross. 1st pair here. I've been wanting grey acid wash jeans for awhile now. The quality of the jeans is great and they feel very comfortable and stretchy.

pls excuse the messy room 

Then I went to Forever21 to get some basics. After watching this video by xteeener on Youtube, I decided to buy a nude cami to cover up while wearing annoying sheer clothing.

White t-shirt, nude cami + grey hat
Cheap basic clothing at F21. Less than $4 each for everything above~
The hat looks horrible on me btw idk maybe it's my nasty hair

Usually I don't buy so much clothing -_- but everything was less than $12 each and there are so many sales going on!! =3=

July 29, 2014

Puzzle and Dragons ~ Wadatsumi Descended! - Awoken Skills Invalid - Ocean God - Legend - Team Build

TEAM USED: HP x4, ATK x2.7, RCV x2 for Dark Attribute Cards

 BAO Batman+Remote Claw x / Queen of Condemnation, Persephone x / Nocturne Chanter, Tsukuyomi x / Enchantress of the Sea, Siren x / Underlord Arch Hades x / Rebel Seraph Lucifer x (helper)

Siren must be max skilled. Persephone and Tsukuyomi can be subbed out for other orb changers/dark monsters. A dark team is easiest to avoid fire and wood binds.

Team HP ~ 55 000 
Minimum HP required ~ 40 000 (unless using resist/odin team)
Leviathan (floor 2) will hit ~39 000Siren (floor 5) and Wadatsumi (floor 6) will hit ~25 000.

Another almost completely REM team 

Some alternative non-REM monsters for a mono-dark team:
 Dark Liege, Vampire Duke x , Awoken Hera x and Keeper of Rainbow x

I tried to screenshot the finishing hit but failed again oops
Team builds on Puzzledragonx

Floors 1-3: Attack/heal normally. Use skills for Leviathan if needed to speed things up.

Floor 4: Umisachi&Yamasachi will absorb 100% wood damage for 10 turns. Attack normally and use skills if needed.

Floor 5: Siren's first skill will bring your HP -99%. Use your Siren's skill to heal (make sure you keep red orbs on the board) or Batman's delay.

Floor 6: Use Hades' Gravity skill and Lucifers' Morning Star when his HP is ~18%. Always make more than 4 combos!! Wadatsumi's skill will absorb 100% of the damage you cause for combos 4 and under for 999 turns. So basically 4+ combo your way to victory~

Overall, a pretty easy descend. 10-20 minutes.
I completed the dungeon 2x but no drop 
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