May 31, 2012

crepes & ice cream~


Some pictures from the past 2 weeks~

 Mazazu Crepes with Har~

Strawberry w/ cream + mixed green tea & vanilla ice cream 
The one on the right had a strawberries & a brownie in it? LOL that's all I remember ><

 ♥♥ it was really good

the last time I had real mangosteen was when my mom smuggled a box out of Malaysia years ago (w/ rambutan as well!) LOLLL

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream! Buy1get1free for your bday if you sign up 

Top: Cheesecake Fantasy
Bottom: Berry Berry Berry Good

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream is love~ They kind of just smush ice cream together with stuff & it tastes wonderful ahaha

Hopefully this summer I'll be out doing more stuff so I can have more things to blog about~ Unfortunately the school I have to go to for summer is 2 buses away  . . . please, no harsh tan this summer x___x
May 28, 2012

Night Market! ♥ with chip+meat


Finally got together with Chip & Meat to go the the Rmd Night Market! It was so hot & sunny that day ><;; 
I felt like I was burning & it was only ~7pm when we got there. The temperature was nice around midnight though. I will never get used to summer -____-

passion fruit bbt & squid ♥

so good!

derp fail camhoe #1

mango shaved ice w/ coconut jelly? bday present hahaha tastes so good! ty meaty chip

 picnik cinemascope effect

 $5 for a wish~

world peace - sounds like a beauty pageant ^^;;


 derp fail camhoe #2 (I can't help looking at the flip screen =3=)

so blurry D;

ok I really liked this pic & was indecisive about the editing haha

(1 or 2 pics taken from their fb XD)

Okay . . looking at these pics make me want to go again just for the food! I want to try dragon's beard candy, deep fried squid & get the mango shaved ice again ;o;
I didn't take any pics of the other stalls selling items because . .  I like food better LOL. 
Some things for sale were false eyelashes, circle lenses, weapons?, cute gift things, jewellery, nails, beauty stuff, clothing etc . . I have bad memory.

Oh & I don't know if it's just the pics but I look so chubbs wtf!! omg -_- anyway I think I recently gained about 5 pounds ahaha I need exercise

May 12, 2012

GEO CK-107 Magic Black Circle Lens Review

GEO CK-107 Magic Black Circle Lens Review

General Product Description
Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00
Diameter : 14mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year

ok it looks like 2 people did this review since I have 2 sets of pictures but I couldn't choose which to use =3=

GEO has anti-fake stickers unlike most other circle lenses.
The Magic Circle Lens Series has the more natural, enlarging lenses. CK-107 is very ulzzang like& nice if you want to a cute dolly eye look. Personally I find that it makes me look a bit weird because the black is a bit harsh without make-up which defeated my main purpose of wearing circle lens - (to not have to wear make-up on lazy days) 

Design: 10/10
Most of the black GEO lenses look the same once you have them on (if you have dark brown eyes), but I chose this design because I thought it looked the nicest. Also, my friend had CK-105 before, & I wanted to try something different. It blends really nicely since I have dark brown eyes.

Comfort: 7/10
It varies for me. Since these are my first circle lenses, I was definitely not used to them. I've had these for about 9 months now & I hardly feel them on. I feel them most when it's windy or there's air conditioning on.
I usually wear these for about 7-8 hours a day (for school) & it's a bit drying. I don't use eye drops.
When I take them off after school my eyes feel a tired & are a bit red, which I guess it typical for any type of contacts? But since I have no prescription & really no use for contacts (other than cosmetic reasons), I try to wear them 3x a week max.
I shouldn't be wearing lenses for that long, but the discomfort isn't only after the 6 hour mark. Maybe my eyes are just not beast enough for circle lenses. ^^

Enlargement: 9/10
I think 14.0 dia is a good size, not too big to be an alien, & not too small to not be noticeable. 
I've already had 2 people in my class ask me if I was wearing black lenses =\

Overall: 8.5/10
I really like these lenses, but I just wish they were more comfortable.

I also bought GEO BC-102 (Jazz Brown) but haven't opened them yet~ Expect a review on that in a year LOLL ><
Also because I'm quite noob & this is my first review, I'm not sure if I need a disclaimer or not. Here is one anyway?

Everything written in this post is 100% my own opinion and is not influenced by the company or seller.
I bought these lenses myself, with my own money from a Facebook shop seller: Barbie Dolle Eyes
I wanted to post a review on these lenses for awhile now, but finally I decided to stop procrastinating after reading that post . . Yeah it seems a bit weird that I want to post a review on circle lens soon after I read that -_- However, it made me a lot more aware of contact lens use.
But anyway, eyes are super precious so if you think your contacts are defective or they're irritating you, just throw them out.
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