June 11, 2012

U.S trip & The Cheesecake Factory


A few weeks ago I went on a 2 day 1 night trip across the border to the U.S.A~ I went to Bellevue, Seattle & Des Moines. (I believe lol)
Here are some pics of my . . boringish . . . shopping-weekend-where-I-hardly-bought-anything. -_- 
Pretty much just purchases and food.

 Manic Panic's Semi Permanent Hair Dye in Vampire Red - Sally Beauty Supply $11

Yes, gonna dye my black hair with this in August. I hope it gives my hair a dark red/maroon/burgundy tint. Total buddha color muahaha~

Alpha Hydrox - Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA Anti-Wrinkle - Walgreens ~$10

I've been using the Alpha Hydrox lotion for a few weeks now. Unfortunately it gave me a really bad rash on my cheeks and dried out the skin between my nose/cheeks? so that my skin cracked/ripped. 
It was super painful! It took a lot of Polysporin to recover from that, & my cheeks were so red. 
I often get red/pink in the face from heat (I got hot easily?) so I hate blush . . getting a rash on my cheeks made me look like I put hardcore blush on =o=;;
I bought it to fade my acne scars, but I can only use it on my forehead now (where most of my scars are anyway). . it did help fade my scars a bit though.
I originally wanted the cream version, but this one was cheaper since it had more amount inside the bottle. ^^;;

Geez, I went on a 2 day trip to Seattle & only bought 2 items from Forever21 . . -___- no pics, but they were the "Essential" cheaper items.
I don't know, I thought most of the clothing in the other stores I went was so fugly like wtf why are they even being sold, I wouldn't even take the clothing for free LOL.

~~~~ 1st time I went to The Cheesecake Factory! The restaurant itself looks nice, but the ambience of the place definitely does not reflect on the food. It was average. =\
But I'd still want to try it again because everything inside looks pretty LOL =3= Maybe we just didn't choose good food from the menu.

Spicy Cajun Chicken - but it wasn't even spicy  -________-;; The dark red sauce was BBQ sauce & personally, I thought it was kinda nasty.

Some sort of chicken dish.. 

Raspberry Cheesecake with White Chocolate <3

Plants/flowers? At the same house I stayed at last summer

Vibrant flowers


She said...

JERRICA. This is so irrelevant but i heard you're returning back to cent sooon? ;)

Jer said...

aha yes yoo-nice, I'm returning to cent in sept. get ready to have sexy times wtf LOL I miss you!

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