July 11, 2014

Eye Charm Double Eyelid/Eyelash Glue Review

The glue comes with an instruction sheet and a double eyelid stick

 The instructions/directions are in Japanese if you can read them~

The Eye Charm Double Eyelid/Eyelash Glue was the first eyelid glue I ever tried and probably the last.
I tried using it for double eyelids and false eyelashes. I really wanted this to work out but it didn't :( 

Reasons why I don't like this glue:
- The glue is really sticky and messy. It's also doesn't give a discreet appearance and is a bit easy to see on eyelids.
- The glue is initially very strong but quickly loosens. The glue didn't hold my eyelids together (it made my eyelids more single).
- It feels very uncomfortable to have your eyelids sticking together, especially when you close your eyes. I can't imagine going out with it. It felt so bad that I ended up washing it off every time I tried it.
- The worst part is that it is SO hard to remove! Regular eye make-up remover doesn't even remove this glue and if you use it on false eyelashes you probably won't be able to reuse them. Even after I tried to remove it there was leftover sticky residue that felt gross. This is probably the main reason why I really don't like this glue. 

After looking at other reviews, I'm guessing this might be a fake product since the packaging is different. The bottle says "Colour Soft" instead of  "Eye Charm" and the English says "fou" instead of "for". -__-;;
So maybe this review isn't particularly helpful other than to warn you not to buy it if it looks like the photos above because  . . it's pretty bad.
I received this product from another blog's giveaway so I'm not sure where she got it from. x__x  It's probably better to buy a more popular brand or look for legit sellers.

1/5 stars

Or maybe 0. It's completely useless for me.

Although I'm giving this a negative review, take in mind that I'm not really good at applying the glue to make double eyelids. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, but it may work for others especially if you are better at applying it. I just can't stand products that are hard to remove (like waterproof mascara).
Finding the right area to apply the glue can also be difficult, even with video tutorials if you have a different eye shape.

Eyelid glue and double sided double eyelid tape are decidedly put on my list of "irritating things."


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