April 1, 2014

Clothing Haul - San Francisco / Portland / B.C

Since I'm too lazy to edit & upload all my San Francisco pics (yet) I decided to just make a haul post of things that I've bought since January. (pic heavy)

The 1st three items are from Daiso~

The only problem is that I don't have the right shoes to wear them with T-T. They would look cute with flats or any other shoes that are open in the front~

 This small, thin hairbrush is really great for short hair or if you have a bob hairstyle. I use it to brush/curl the ends of my hair inwards while drying.

 $2 & I needed a thin belt

The next 6 items are from Ross and Marshalls stores in Portland, Oregon.

 Floral Top from Ross  ~$9
I've always loved florals & sheer/lace tops~ It's also nice that the shirt isn't too long & the bottom has this slight |bubble/poofy| effect.

idk the brand of this shirt since the tag is just a heart

Sheer Black Button Down - Ambiance Apparel  $6
This brand is usually found in the store called Papaya, where I also bought another similar shirt.

Blue Hoodie - Cotton On  $13
This is seriously the most comfortable hoodie I've ever had. I never want to take it off..
I wish we had Cotton On stores in Canada =3=

High Waisted Distressed/Ripped Jeans - Iris Jeans  $13
I'm so glad I tried these on even though the size wasn't my normal size. It fits perfectly ^^

ootd w/ these jeans. They're super comfy~

Black Shorts w/ Zipper detail - HAZE  ~$8
Really nice shorts that make your butt look good lol.
Also they're not too low on the hips which is one of the most annoying things about shorts.

Black Pants - BCBG  $11
Simple, comfortable black pants that are similar to leggings.

Yes, I had to take this stupid picture & yes you have to look at it.

Another ootd w/ these pants but it's super useless because they look like leggings. Just enjoy my mickey mouse t-shirt & new haircut from 3 months ago lol

Jeggings & Jeans - Reitmans  $6 each
These jeggings are super comfortable & the best thing is that they're petite!! 
Shorter people know the pain of always trying on jeans that go way below your heel and bunch up around your ankles. =__=   Petite sized pants are such a pain to find.
I never really thought to go in that store but my mom dragged me in. Reitmans was having an end of season sale so they were quite cheap (40% off sale price)~
Also what is up with womens pants sizes. Apparently I can wear size 0-7 wtf.

Saturday Trail Str. Long Sleeve Shirt - Columbia Sportswear Company  $13

I've been looking for a simple white button up for the longest time and didn't expect to find one in this sportswear store. The quality is really nice (much better than F21, a store that I try to avoid now) and the tags claim to do a lot of useful things. 
I guess the only problem with shopping here is that I never play sports or wear sports clothing LOL.. also the sizes are made for women so most of the clothes are too big for teens.
I also got these in Portland at a Columbia outlet store.

Annnd the highlight items of my trip!

Hooded Technical Pop-zup Windcheater (Nautical Navy/Flro Pink) - Superdry  $40

Hooded Technical Pop-zup Windcheater (Camo) - Superdry  $40

I didn't do a lot of shopping in San Francisco since it was mostly sightseeing but I did go to one mall.
There was a Superdry store in Westfield San Francisco Center where they were having this huge sale (which apparently they don't do often) so I got 2 jackets for $40 each! The original price on the tag was $135.
The first time I'd ever seen this brand was in San Fran, & the moment I saw it I wanted it. 

I added the prices of everything I bought to show that you can have a decent wardrobe without spending tons of $$. (Also I want to remember for my own sake)

I'm lucky enough to be able to shop in the U.S a lot. Places like Ross, Marshalls (even Winners maybe) sell brand name quality clothing at decent prices.
Shopping in Canada is painful though because everything seems so expensive. I almost never buy anything unless it's on sale. Literally, the first place I go to is the sale section. & don't be embarrassed if you do that because who wants to spend tons of money on things that aren't always worth it?

I have never bought anything over $20 (excluding jackets & shoes bc that's just unfair) in my whole damn life okay LOL. I don't get every piece of clothing I want but it's okay. Besides in the end I kind of want everything & that's just not gonna happen lol. 

Sometimes having less clothing can let you be more creative with how to mix and match old clothes to create new outfits.


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