August 13, 2014

Food Edition ~ Photo Dump (Diary) - August 2014

I'm planning for this new "Photo Dump (Diary)" thing to be a (bi-)monthly thing just to upload old/new/random pictures that don't fit elsewhere.

Mango Mochi Bubble Tea @ Bubble Queen

It looks good but I actually didn't really like it. It's $6 of overpriced, bland and too sweet liquid. The rice balls tasted really disgusting even though I normally like mochi. 

Mango and Pomegranate Gelato + Lychee and Green Tea Gelato
@someplace downtown

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!


ughh these doughnuts are the best TT-TT I'm so sad they don't have many shops here.
I usually don't like cakes/cupcakes/other baked sweets but doughnuts man... doughnuts..

My mom brought home this Chocolate Ganache Cake from Whole Foods and it is by far ... the most disgusting cake I've ever had LOL. I guess if you love chocolate you'll like it, but it was really weird... Is ganache literally supposed to by a cake shaped chunk of chocolate?

Passion Fruit Slush + Calpice & Mango Slush
@ The One Restaurant and Estea


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