May 25, 2011

Random pics post


Last, last week, In the food court, Sushi asked me if her legs were fat. Then the man sitting beside us turned & srsly checked her out o_o;; . . . . LOLOL soo awkward ahhaha so I didn't look at him to create even more awkwardness -__-

Sushi got me a cake LOL & she wanted me to be touched . . . she said she even touched herself . . .-_____- uhm I was also touched . . . ??

no pics bietch -_-


(50% reduction LOOOOOOOOOL ^^;;)

lol & we found out my dad has 6 000 pictures on his computer from his travels.....WTF LOL

soo cute right XD 

I messed up the tail, lol & still haven't got around to fixing it . . . that was 3 years ago =o=;; 

♥ drawing something inappropriate 

 ahhaahahahahaha srsly wtf  Chip LOLOLOL

"Child between Andy & Mark"

^ Obviously the best birthday present ever . . -___-

 . . . . friends stalker pics

DAMN IT, ANDY. what a creeper, srsly, who takes pics of random ppl (kids) in the library. LOL

dry ice oowwo & bio bum

1:53 LOL comparing eye sizes
The song is one of my favourite songs by Lara, except with different lyrics. The sound is kinda weird XD


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