July 14, 2013

2013 Graduation Commencement


So I have finally graduated high school! Ugh, what a long & tiring 4 years this was.
Although I graduated, I didn't walk across the stage to receive my fake certificate because I was too lazy & cheap to order the gown & cap LOL. Seriously, $50 for a blue carpet I will never use again.

I actually wasn't too excited for graduation . . I was more excited for summer so I could spend all day on the computer reading manga & watching videos haha =3=
So I didn't go to prom either because I was lazy & cheap again. 

Uh . . I have nothing else to say wtf so

Picture time!! 
Sorry for the weirdly edited pics. I went kinda crazy after discovering this Chinese picture editor Meitu XiuXiu. It's a really nice editor! My friend actually showed it to me on her iTouch awhile ago but since I mainly use my computer to edit photos I wanted the desktop version. 
Unfortunately it's only in Chinese but it's pretty easy to figure out if you play around with it & have used other photo editors like Picnik before. Here is a quick (maybe outdated?) English tutorial
Sometimes it has some glitches but if you reload the page it should be fine. Also, loading can be slow but maybe that's just my computer or internet.

Most of my photos turned out too dark or bright =o= The flash on my camera washes people out so I usually don't use it.

Oh & despite these being commencement photos they really aren't. They're just weird photos I took with my friends.


mad Sydney who wants me to stop taking pics of her 

why do I look so creepy

because I am so creepy

salacious Sydney

my friend Sydney has such pale luminous skin *jealous


my friend looks so sassy <3 her="" p="">

Wearing my Hana/SP Eye EO DizonEye Violet Circle Lens & Daiso False Eyelashes~

TT-TT . . . I feel old. I don't want to grow up & be mature. *cries

Only now do I feel that being a kid was pretty good . . I didn't have to worry about as much as I do now.

Hopefully I will mature or something in university. The sad thing is although I've already enrolled in university, I don't really feel like going . . LOL. I'm tired of studying!
My ideal dream is to be a cute rich NEET hikkomori who never has to go out in sunlight.

Oh & I've said this before but I think I actually will start doing product reviews. Yeah hopefully I won't be too lazy this summer. Although it feels halfway over. =[

This is my 1st summer in years without summer school! I must enjoy it thoroughly & read tons of manga & watch some animes & relax & eat & sleep & do nothing all day muahahhahahaha

Does anyone have any good anime recommendations?
I'm already watching Free! swimming anime & I'm gonna watch Snk . . I don't like watching incomplete animes because it's so tiring to wait for updates but tumblr is totally spoiling it for me so I feel like I'm forced to watch it anyway =3=.


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