February 18, 2011

semi-decieving stock pics? accessories~



LOL wtf I reserved these all in September . . . god I suck! Anypoo, finally got them XD. 
I don't really know what I was expecting since I never bought from only stock pictures before. I don't think wisely in general aha ok -_-

super long chain =]

 it looks like a devil!

 Turns out to a cute, yet overweight deer. Super heavy but cute *sigh* ;o;

 it's fat & fits my middle finger. score.

 oh what. "What IS this?!" (<- insert Barry voice) 
my bad macro -_-

 oh I see, ok so pretty.

 smells poisonous. do not want.
makes me feel native LOL

 I liked 4/5 items ahaha. Good enough.


 much smaller + flatter than stock pic but w.e, I'm not a big fan of big rings anyways

I've wanted this since last year~

 small chain -_-

bad lighting =] I want black curtains to keep the ugly sun out.

 pipi . . .

 she killed Santa LOL by some cruel twisting torture!!
Was Santa nice to you this year? He must be very forgiving muahaha

yoooooooooo nice . . . I miss the ABC/ice kacang in KK.


 I just wanna go back for the laksa & tong yum lol. omnomnomnom. ♥ oh & rendang flavoured mee goreng ~~
LOL but I need to truckload in a lot . . . not very convenient in Malaysia as you need to pay to truckload in malls! -_-
Did I write about this before? That the place where I stayed is super ghetto? It feels nice to be back in the same house from 10 years ago . . .
haha not many places where you see 5-10 year olds smoking . . . + an hourly hotel below. Goes well with Andy's words of wisdom - "Fuck & dash"
Oh, & piss on the stairway. Lovely. -_- how the poop can piss smell so nasty! Maybe cuz it's really hot +humid? ok gross.


kurisu said...


kurisu said...

i wannnt the ccamera necklace!

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