January 23, 2011

snow day


These pictures were taken on my way to school . . . but I wasn't that late anyway cuz the door wasn't shut yet :D

hurhurhur . . . speaking of white things . . .

1st reaction - slow shock?
2nd reaction - MUAHHAHAHAHA

middle school . . . young & innocent.

 Okay, moving on to brown things . . .
My family went to eat pho in browntown a while ago. They were talking about watching movies on the T.V using the PS3, & then my dad asks my sis, in a very interested voice, "Did you use my stick yet??"
Sadly, I was the first one to laugh.

We went laser tagging for P.E . . . it was fun.
I do better in online games though . . . because you don't have to exercise, just sit & shoot. Guess who would die first in a horror movie for lack of movement? LOL

. . .  Chip fucking kicked me in the crotch coz I kept on shooting her!!! TT_TT NO PHYSICAL CONTACT!! lucky me, my 2mm was tucked in tight.

Ugh, my team got stuck at the bottom so we were easier targets. Sometimes it was a bit dull, cuz it seemed like everybody was waiting for everybody else to show up.

woooooooo I was gonna post this wayy before but I got lazy . . . feels very incomplete xD


Joshua Graham said...

lol i love your blog it always makes me laugh. especially your last blog about the end of JPN.

J said...

hahaha yay, thanks josh! :D

kurisu said...

LOL I love the convo we had with andy xDDD
and thanks for blockin ma name jam : )

J said...

HAHA i know, that was a precious confession
& np, the master groper must remain unknown -_-

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