August 1, 2011

what happened in July - nothing.


I need to take more photos lol.
The past 2-3 months have been pretty busy.

I think I got to Chapter 30 in Infamous within 1 week. I only played 1-3 hrs a day though -__- & I can't finish it until August because I have summer school & ss11 takes up a lot of time.

7:00 am rainbow

. . . real haws, the good 60 cent stuff. If only other haws were 60 cents.

guess where? haha ~

 blueberry (ew LOL -_-) & mango! 

 pearls & mango star jelly



pretty ^^

wtf pics of a library.
It has a really nice aura though. & it's quiet.
It's silent study room quiet LOL. *coughcoqlibcough* -_-

I went to the China fireworks & tried taking some pics, but I don't even know why I bothered, because firework pics always fail miserably.
Considering how I have a bus pass, I think I'll try to go to the next 2 shows too LOL

What ok, fireworks are a live show kinda thing.

I don't know if I have bad memory, but I thought last years was much better.


finally a blog post haha.

That other library looks so good, I should go there more often. The only problem is that with all the windows, there will be a lot of sunlight.

ok that was boring. bye

1:22 "a little vejay goes a long way"


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