September 6, 2011

end of summer 2011

. . .

 English Bay sunset for Spain's fireworks

 barge on the very right ~

 lolol that white dot hovering over the moon . . it was a ship's antennae thing.  UFO


Portuguese Egg Tarts! Tastes much better than normal egg tarts.

bunny meeting XD (waiting to get steamed >;D)

♥ so cute

Des Moines in U.S

The view is really nice, but even better at night with all the lights.

Forever21 in the U.S has so many accessories! ;o; not like Canada =o=;;
I need to get money & live in the U.S for a 1 week.

Apparently there's only 1 store in our province . . & people line up for it ahha the fattiness of these donuts!!

original is best~

 Strawberry Parfait

lol -_-

Good, but kind of expensive since it's so little. I think about $7-8 each?

 Fresh Fruit Crepe 

 Salmon Lox Crepe

Also had Cajun Chicken Crepe but didn't take a pic of it D;

Skinfood display oh so pretty~

New school in a few hrs . . mehh.
I actually didn't really think about it for the past few weeks. Not even during registration because I was getting upset about my courses. I don't want to graduate early.

Anyway haha, the best thing to do to get out of reality is to watch . . . dramas! 
I watched Drunken to Love You & am almost done Down With Love.
I think almost all of the dramas Rainie is in are good. I never thought I'd think this, but the male lead in DLY is . . . super cute =o=;; only in the drama though! His facial expressions are so cute muahaha
DWL is . . . kinda really boring actually LOL except for the gay kisses & cute kids. Wouldn't recommend anyone to watch it, I pretty much only watched it because of Ella. Ella's NG's are so funny . . . "I made his shit very dirty!" LOL
Jerry Yan is . . a weird actor imo.
EDIT: omgomg wtf episode 15 is LOVEEEEE

 wow, I really have no flow to my words -__- I seriously need English classes again.


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