January 29, 2012

Semester break~ +Sims 3 tips


Semester break is almost over. I told myself I'd blog at least twice during semester break . . I guess I lied to myself LOL.
In my defense, I can't play RE5 during school days. So I will blog in February! sometime haha, I still have pictures from December to post.

I'm so glad Semester 1 is over . .  but now I have Math, Chemistry, Psychology (I can never spell that word right the first time -_-), & Japanese . . ughhhh & I have to start walking to school again.
I'll have my dad's cellphone for month though. lol.


Ok, so I'm not too excited about it because . . well to be honest, I'm not a huge Final Fantasy fan aha. I didn't finish FFXIII & I forgot if I finished FFX . . but I think I was pretty close to finishing FFX! I wanted to get the Magus Sisters or something, but then I got annoyed of training so I quit lol. -_-;;
Anyway, new songs!! or OST's. (I always thought OST meant opening theme song)

ok Caius is too hot LOL he makes me loveeee purple >< Though I wish he had pale white skin *typical -_-

I still don't like Serah's hair -_-
I always thought Hope was the cutest . . . a way better version than Tidus LOL I dislike his pee yellow hair!



Sims 3 Tips (just small stuff I wish people had told me)

- If you get Error 0x0175d824 whenever you try to open Sims 3, log off or restart your computer. Go back on and try opening Sims 3 before you open anything else, like an internet browser. Once the Sims 3 is open, you can open your internet browser and multitask. It works for me so hopefully it'll work for you.

- The Pets Expansion pack requires Patch 10. ....something. So yeah, MEMORIES. You will get them, they are annoying as hell, & if you don't want them, you apparently need to download a mod.

- The Late Night Expansion pack's town, Bridgeport is a laggy hoe. After awhile it'll start to freeze every few seconds. This is apparently because of the amount of cars driving around after they drop you off somewhere (& all the other Sims in town getting some transportation)

- Cheats! - may mess up your game -_-;;? So I have 2 saved games in Sunset Valley. I used the cheat testingcheatsenabled true cheat A LOT in Game#1. Now after maybe 5-15 mins of gameplay, all of the Sims in the household will freeze except for 1, but that Sim won't be able to do anything - he can just move. The blanket on the frozen Sims in the bed will disappear, & when I use resetsim * or Simname, either nothing happens, or they'll disappear and some random action (like reading a book from the bookshelf) will be stuck in the queue. It looks like this. (not my pic.)
I turn aging off because I like to make what I call . . "super sims" (sims with high skill levels)
I only used that cheat in the beginning because I wanted certain Sims to age up. I ended up Triggering Age Transitions on random Sims in the neighbourhood LOLL causing the death of a few Sims I didn't like.

I'll try to evict them & see how it goes . .

I've heard deleting your cache files help . .
On a semi-useless side note . . Morgana Wolff + Dustin Langerak babies are ugly.

Ok that should be it :)  I had to rewrite this post & start my circle lens review since I failed at exporting/importing my blog. All my drafted posts were deleted, boohoo. I'm so stupid LOL.


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