February 25, 2012

`2.24.12 ♥ cent visit #2


doesn't this pic look creepy like my feet are bleeding haha. I was actually just on the bus trying to take a picture of how my feet don't touch the ground -___-;;

cute camwhoring -_- chrissypoo lb gecko LOL jk~

CMJ?! ♥♥♥ 

 ♥♥♥ too cute haha 


yeah I'm a hoe & I edit my pics but I have horrendous pimples so don't judge ok! LOL

After everyone left me at the lounge, I did some hw then bussed to the skytrain . . . 
I saw this tall asian girl with white ear muffs who looked too familiar. I literally semi-ran towards her LOL & had dinner with her hahahahah - yeah it was Sushi. & FATE that I decided to stay later haha 

Then I talked to fathead for almost 2 hours at night haha it's been too longggggg


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