February 29, 2012

Dare mo shiranai


I watched this movie in class...it's sad TT-TT

I've replayed this so many times ;o;


I'm pretty sure I failed my Japanese test -_- there were so many words I didn't understand that even if I studied, I would probably have gotten the same mark. My teacher is so NON (cent) SENSEI LIKE. She mentions tests so casually, like "You have to remember this for tomorrow~!" & people are like, "What, why for tomorrow?" & everyone is always asking everyone else when homework is due or when quizzes/tests are. XD
My Japanese class seems so laid back. People kept saying "Fake it till you make it" for tests LOLL & somehow people who don't study a lot/at all get A/B's in that class -___________-;;  I must be lucky as hell.

Oh & because of Har's tumblr post I'm so happy there's gonna be a new Liar Game !! (I think)


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