May 31, 2012

crepes & ice cream~


Some pictures from the past 2 weeks~

 Mazazu Crepes with Har~

Strawberry w/ cream + mixed green tea & vanilla ice cream 
The one on the right had a strawberries & a brownie in it? LOL that's all I remember ><

 ♥♥ it was really good

the last time I had real mangosteen was when my mom smuggled a box out of Malaysia years ago (w/ rambutan as well!) LOLLL

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream! Buy1get1free for your bday if you sign up 

Top: Cheesecake Fantasy
Bottom: Berry Berry Berry Good

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream is love~ They kind of just smush ice cream together with stuff & it tastes wonderful ahaha

Hopefully this summer I'll be out doing more stuff so I can have more things to blog about~ Unfortunately the school I have to go to for summer is 2 buses away  . . . please, no harsh tan this summer x___x


Toozi said...

whoever ordered the strawberry and brownie is ghey!! ;P LOL

Jer said...

LOL you're gya -_-

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