May 28, 2012

Night Market! ♥ with chip+meat


Finally got together with Chip & Meat to go the the Rmd Night Market! It was so hot & sunny that day ><;; 
I felt like I was burning & it was only ~7pm when we got there. The temperature was nice around midnight though. I will never get used to summer -____-

passion fruit bbt & squid ♥

so good!

derp fail camhoe #1

mango shaved ice w/ coconut jelly? bday present hahaha tastes so good! ty meaty chip

 picnik cinemascope effect

 $5 for a wish~

world peace - sounds like a beauty pageant ^^;;


 derp fail camhoe #2 (I can't help looking at the flip screen =3=)

so blurry D;

ok I really liked this pic & was indecisive about the editing haha

(1 or 2 pics taken from their fb XD)

Okay . . looking at these pics make me want to go again just for the food! I want to try dragon's beard candy, deep fried squid & get the mango shaved ice again ;o;
I didn't take any pics of the other stalls selling items because . .  I like food better LOL. 
Some things for sale were false eyelashes, circle lenses, weapons?, cute gift things, jewellery, nails, beauty stuff, clothing etc . . I have bad memory.

Oh & I don't know if it's just the pics but I look so chubbs wtf!! omg -_- anyway I think I recently gained about 5 pounds ahaha I need exercise


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