September 9, 2012

hellohellohello I'm back


Ahem hello. I haven't blogged in awhile because I was quite busy over this summer *coughcoughlazycoughnoonereadsmybloganywaycoughdie*
But I'm back! Kind of. School just started so I'll need to concentrate since it's my last year but . . the 1st week has already passed & I already wanna lay down & die LOL. jk I just never want to leave my house.

This semester, I'm taking Leadership, Biology, Work Exp & Law . . & I have 2 off blocks! I can leave the house later which is great because it takes me about 45 mins-1 hour to get to school.
Yep, make myself suffer to see my friends but end up not really seeing my friends at school anyway because I'm so fucking socially awkward oh my god.

Let me recap what happened this summer: summer school, volunteer to help international students in ESL, discovery of BL (OMGG) & video games. Ok done.

3 of the international students (guys) I mentored for volunteer! I'm on the very right (I look so awkward lol...) & my friend with the yellow shirt was also a mentor. 

This was on the last day of volunteer, where all the international students gathered at a school to celebrate I guess. It was SO hot that day because they didn't even bother putting on the aircon =o=
For some reason I only have pictures with them on my camera. Maybe because they're cute, lol.
They were also irritatingly funny at times =o=

Here are some pics from . . early July. Yes, I have hundreds of pics to upload from this summer, & this is only the beginning.

English Bay! 

My first REAL Converse shoes from Sushi ahahaa 

The last day before seeing this nublet before she went back to Chinar!! 

 she's back now

This sheer black shirt was one of my purchases from Portland, Oregon in U.S. Only $6? Shopping in America  

Another purchase from the U.S . . the F21 in Canada is a bit lame.

ahh the last 3 pics were taken with Sushi's pro Canon camera

-I  never know what to title my posts because they're all over the place =3=


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