July 28, 2012

Portland, Oregon Trip!


I went on a 3 day 2 night trip to Portland, Oregon! 
The weather was wonderful - no sun, no sweat.
It was a 5-6 hr car ride . . Book + music = good to go. With a sore butt & frozen legs though.

*Pic heavy post

 Portland's Chinatown

I didn't take many pictures because it wasn't impressive at all aha. It's really nothing compared to Van's Chinatown. 

We had to wait about 20 minutes in line for this . . at 10 am o_o;;

I keep on thinking of Sudden Attack when I read this. "Fire in the hole!" anyone?


can you spot the "cock-n-balls" doughnut? lol. the blunt is behind it.

You can check out the menu online..it's pretty interesting 

The pink/blue swirly one was lemon, the yellow one was mango, the tan one was .. boston cream? & raspberry jam inside the voodoo!
It tastes pretty good! But I think I still prefer simpler donuts like Krispy Kreme's original glazed ;o;

the box is so cute! But horrible lighting because it was taken in the hotel room

After stuffing ourselves with donuts, we went to the weekend Flea Market
It apparently supports many local artists.


blurry ><

Ceramic face sculptures 

The soaps were so cute! & smelled really good. 

So many flavours . . 


I hate gai lan. I only took this picture because they gave us a truckload of it -__- & this is only the plate 1/4 eaten? The serving sizes are huge down there. 

lol a unique scene?

"Welcome to the Portland" LOL as if what's going on the background represents Portland . .



Raspberry crunch? 

 <3!! I need to get myself one of these . . . some day. The floral ones are so lovely.

After downtown, we went to oldtown. It had a lot of unique little boutiques but we didn't go in any of them D;
Super busy ice cream shop? The line up was soo long. 

I don't know if you could tell, but I really liked this ... rock cliff thing. It reminded me of my trip to China years ago. 

CARGO Chinese Emporium

This guy was about $200. 

The pictures I took inside the store hardly represent what it really was like. It was cluttered & filled with all sorts of asian stuff. There were furniture, vases, sculptures, statues, doors, fake plants, accessories etcetcetc. Most were vintage . . & they definitely smelled vintage. It was funky LOL.

We also went to 2 Goodwill's but I didn't find anything. I was way too tired to treasure hunt XD. 
They were nicely organized, had ok items & didn't really smell.
Thrift shops in Van should be ashamed of themselves. You suck. You smell & literally sell vintage, bad quality clothing for $50. Wtf I wouldn't take that clothing if you gave it to me for free. 

~~This post feels like it's all over the place. I can't express myself ahah so I gave up halfway. Pictures can speak for themselves ^^
Anyway, FINALLY I posted this! Being the lazy ass I am, I left this post for weeks, too lazy to edit the pictures. I'm halfway through summer school as well, & I start volunteer on Monday . . But tonight I get to see fireworks? yeyeyeye bye


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