June 14, 2014

June 9th wedding + OOTD

On June 9th, I attended my cousin's wedding~  It was a small and simple wedding with the ceremony at a park on a sunny day. The bride looked gorgeous ;o;

It was a beautiful wedding and I was able to take some nice photos, so here they are~ 


 I love how the flower has the appearance of blood seeping into the petals. Ok maybe a too gory thought for a wedding though.

 It was a bit awkward because I had to go alone and I rarely see my relatives but they were super nice and accommodating 
My cousin asked me if I was dating yet and all I could think was,
"I feel 12 years old. I'm literally 12."

The green tea was so good ;o;

 Everything was so bright and pink

 Pretty flowers I saw in the garden~

 Also, because I still can't get over this fact, the park I was at had WIFI!!
Except in the building. But it's still really nice.

 Appetizers + a dinner from Memphis Blues (ribs, beef, chicken, sauces etc) - there was a ton of meat but recently I've been finding the taste of meat a bit off-putting/too much or too dry.
So I mostly ate watermelon wtf. 
Also because I want a slimmer face TT-TT

 Ok seriously I love this flower


 Best OOTD yet because of a clean mirror and good lighting~ Somehow, taking outfit photos look so much better on a phone camera rather than my digital camera.

 The size difference of my head 
I cut my bangs by myself because I decided I couldn't wait until August to get a haircut. Having bangs really does slim your face down quite a bit. Now I just need hair that frames the face better~

 Army Green Romper - Urban Behavior
 Grey Cardigan - Bluenotes
 White Platform Sneakers - Superga
 Shoulder Bag - Fendi Roma Italy 1925

The straps of the bag are removable and the bag can be used as a clutch as well. I love multi-functional products!!
 The bag is very good quality, despite its age. I seriously think that going through my mom's closet has given me a preference for select old/vintage styles.
Some "trends" nowadays, like transparent shirts that require a tank top underneath make me so mad. Why. Just why. The last thing I need in summer is another layer of clothing underneath my t-shirt. 

 The top bracelet is from China and the green crystal bracelet is, uh, also from China lol thanks Sushi

Despite having probably over 30 pairs of false eyelashes, I can't stand wearing them. It's probably because I really suck at applying false eyelashes. I also don't like the look of false eyelashes without circle lenses on myself because it looks a bit disproportionate.
Anyway, since I had 1 pair that was ripped, I decided to use half/demi eyelashes which are much easier to apply and feel 10x more comfortable.
My camera died by the end of the night so I used a cellphone cam. =3=
You can tell that the ends are more fluttery even though my natural lashes were slightly drooping by 10pm.

False eyelashes are from a Japanese brand: Decorative Eyelash - Cross long type
They're good quality lashes with a transparent lash band, but they're very delicate. I've already ripped 2 pairs trying to get the glue off. 

So, by the end of this post, can you tell what the bride's favourite color is?

*sigh..after editing so many pictures, I realize how annoying it is to try to be consistent. Some pictures were originally bright and others were too dark. Even the perfectionist in me doesn't care anymore.


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