June 4, 2012


My birthday was a few weeks ago (May 17), but I finally had time to take/edit/post the pics! I don't do bday celebrations/parties so no pics of me really. I'm not sure if I ever had a birthday party with friends before . . .  o_o;; that seems a bit weird LOL. 
All I really did for my bday weekend was eat out for dinner & eat cake? My mom makes good cheesecake but I didn't take a pic of it.

I just wanted to make an appreciation post I guess for people who wanted to celebrate my birthday although I never take initiative because I'm too lazy haha

professional pic (-_- wtf this totally outshines my crappy pic quality below) & cheesecake from Sushi !  

& thanks to Sushi's mom . . the pro-est lashes I'll probably ever have ^^;;

Harhar! thank you~ . . I feel kinda bad for choosing crappy thift stores in a ghetto area to go to with you XD 

 ahh I always wanted to try My Beauty Diary things

 yo I just ate this marshmallow pop & it's so good but fake but so good & sweet LOL

thanks momo/meat haha I regret nothing!  

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! 


MissFeelo said...

Aww happy belated! Looks like you had a nice weekend! I actually have the MBD items you got and really like them both. The mist is honestly so handy!

Jer said...

Thank you! I haven't tried the mist yet, but it seems like it'll be refreshing for summer ^^

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