June 21, 2012

Chongqing Restaurant + camhoe


Went to the newest Chongqing Restaurant location~

Crispy noodle? I forgot the name . . 

Chongqing Beef

Fried Squid with Rock Salt

The food was more expensive compared to more Chinese ..Chinese restaurants & was only . . "meh" =o=

collars make me look chubbs =o=

the camera effect makes it look like I dyed my hair ;o;

Chubbs forever? LOL meh

I recently finished the anime Ouran High School Host Club!! It's a great anime, I would definitely recommend people to watch it. It's not exactly comparable to my favourite anime (Animal Yokocho - which I would recommend you to watch even more ^^;;), but they're both super cute & funny.


Yesterday I finished my math exam =o=;; ahh soo glad, but I know I did bad (60-80%) LOL 
I really can't study math, it's so boring. But I can study BC First Nations! It's kind of interesting, & all I need to do is memorize. It's the last final I have this month! Yey~
But then I have summer school + volunteer =\ 
I always have to keep myself busy during the summer, or else I'd end up playing RE5 & computer games until I get sick. =3=

I think I should get out more. Ohohoho I want to go to Bubble Queen in Rmd & try the Mango bbt w/ mochi balls!? Someone come with me ^^

Twitter isn't working =[


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