July 29, 2014

Puzzle and Dragons ~ Wadatsumi Descended! - Awoken Skills Invalid - Ocean God - Legend - Team Build

TEAM USED: HP x4, ATK x2.7, RCV x2 for Dark Attribute Cards

 BAO Batman+Remote Claw x / Queen of Condemnation, Persephone x / Nocturne Chanter, Tsukuyomi x / Enchantress of the Sea, Siren x / Underlord Arch Hades x / Rebel Seraph Lucifer x (helper)

Siren must be max skilled. Persephone and Tsukuyomi can be subbed out for other orb changers/dark monsters. A dark team is easiest to avoid fire and wood binds.

Team HP ~ 55 000 
Minimum HP required ~ 40 000 (unless using resist/odin team)
Leviathan (floor 2) will hit ~39 000Siren (floor 5) and Wadatsumi (floor 6) will hit ~25 000.

Another almost completely REM team 

Some alternative non-REM monsters for a mono-dark team:
 Dark Liege, Vampire Duke x , Awoken Hera x and Keeper of Rainbow x

I tried to screenshot the finishing hit but failed again oops
Team builds on Puzzledragonx

Floors 1-3: Attack/heal normally. Use skills for Leviathan if needed to speed things up.

Floor 4: Umisachi&Yamasachi will absorb 100% wood damage for 10 turns. Attack normally and use skills if needed.

Floor 5: Siren's first skill will bring your HP -99%. Use your Siren's skill to heal (make sure you keep red orbs on the board) or Batman's delay.

Floor 6: Use Hades' Gravity skill and Lucifers' Morning Star when his HP is ~18%. Always make more than 4 combos!! Wadatsumi's skill will absorb 100% of the damage you cause for combos 4 and under for 999 turns. So basically 4+ combo your way to victory~

Overall, a pretty easy descend. 10-20 minutes.
I completed the dungeon 2x but no drop 


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