May 19, 2014

19th bday weekend

Last week was my bday weekend so I decided to post again~ I actually don't have much to post about but somehow I feel bad that my last few posts were just a huge spam of travel pics. I feel like I should write more but I have nothing to write about. I would like to do OOTD posts so maybe if I can find a good location to take pictures I'll do that.

& Ok so I know it's like 2 months late to say this now, but I changed my url from ->

jaekayy literally meant jk as in just kidding & I only made up that dumb name for a username on Maplestory years ago omg...
Changing urls makes me really hate people who take the good urls & not post for years... or those other people that hog urls =o=;;

Anyway, some food pics of sushi~

California Sushi rolls

 Spicy Salmon Sashimi & Dynamite Roll

 Seafood Udon & Yam Tempura

 Fruit Sponge Cake

 Birthday candles are surprising a lot harder to blow out than I thought?? No wonder why children spit all over them in their effort to blow them out hahaha

xiao hua + her mom

 oh god I feel so weird posting (4 month old) selfies on this blog now.. I don't remember the last time I did but for about 2 years I didn't take many pictures of myself. My room has this horribly gross yellow lighting & I already look like enough of an oompa loompa in my uni ID card TT-TT
I just like the way my eye looks like in the right pic even though I also look like I'm balding lol. 


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