May 28, 2014


 Superga 2790 Linea Up Down - White FlatformSneakers

These are one of my favourite shoes purchases~

I am in love with pure white shoes! But since I hate getting them dirty, I end up not wearing them a lot.
These platform shoes are a bit chunky and heavy, causing them to be a little hard to walk in due to the stiff soles, but I still really love them. 
They add a few inches of height and make your legs look longer. +_+
I checked the website and saw the price (50 pounds ~ almost $100 CDN) which kills me dead so yeah, I'm really glad I bought them at Ross for $15. When I first saw them on the shelf I thought they looked ridiculous because I wasn't into platform shoes at the time, but I tried them on and really liked the look. 
Moral of the story = try on ugly things sometimes. 
You might be surprised at your own tastes in fashion.

Talking about European currency reminds me of the time that my friend went on a school trip to Europe and bought clothes from H&M. I asked her why she bought it there when she could buy it in Canada, and she said "Because everything looks cheaper in pounds." LOL..... =____= ; ;

Perfect outfit for summer weather which is coming up~ (or already here)
The panda shirt is adorable and super thin/loose. I got it 1 size too big which I kind of regret because I'm not really into the baggy/loose style at the moment, but the panda is too cute to not like. =3=

Black Glasses - Daiso / Panda Shirt - Ross / White Tank Top - H&M / DIY Denim Shorts - Bluenotes / White Linen Platform Sneakers - Superga


Tools needed:
Any type of denim (capris/jeans etc, you'll cut them off anyway)
Scissors to cut the fabric
A ruler to make a straight edge
Chalk to mark where you want to cut

When you cut the fabric, try to cut at a bit of an angle, so the inner thigh area is longer than the outer thigh area. This will keep the bottom of your shorts more even.
It may also help to keep the denim at the back of the thighs slightly longer too because you don't want to show the bottom of your butt (probably). Your butt takes up more space so it makes sense to need more fabric, yeah?

Anyway, this is a very brief guide, so if you're actually planning to cut some shorts, look for a better guide lol

DIY denim shorts are very easy and cheap to make. You can easily buy capris/jeans at thrift stores.
I ended up using my sisters old capris that didn't fit her anymore.

Since I folded my shorts up I didn't have to deal with the loose strands. They're not totally even in the pictures but with some adjusting they look fine.

Beige Cardigan - liquidation store / Black Skeleton Shirt - old online shop / Black Shorts - local shop / Detailed Lace Stockings - Daiso / Black Platform Converse Style Shoes - China

Outfit of the day on the last day of Grade 12 last year lol. I have this thing about wearing long sleeves in the summer to avoid getting tanned.

& I understand my OOTD photos are horribly grainy & bad quality because of dark lighting but I tried to save them with filters ok TT-TT
Both OOTD's were taken about a year ago.


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