May 8, 2014

San Francisco Road Trip January 2014 PART 2

Here is the second part of my San Francisco trip~
I had more exercise within 2 days than 1 month back at home.

S U T R O  B A T H S  R U I N S

 This place really is gorgeous, especially at sunset.

 Nighttime view of San Francisco from the Twin Peaks

oblige to all tourist pics for thy mother

Lombard Street - Curviest street in the world

 A very pretty church across a park where elders exercise by dancing to funky Chinese music lol

weird leg crossing bc I was tired idk

The road at the very end goes downhill . . Can you believe I walked all that way. I'm the type of person that walks up a flight of stairs and loses my breath

 Colt Tower

F I S H E R M A N S  W H A R F 

 Clam Chowder Soup in Sourdough Bread

 The bowl is like the size of our heads wtf

That alligator/crocodile thing is made out of bread! They also had turtles and teddy bears.

 The island of Alcatraz

Sea Lions!

Lumps of Sea Lions. They're smelly and make weird noises but they're still pretty cute.

 There was a huge antique/old arcade museum with a lot of interesting games.

 Window artwork along the streets

Ghirardelli Square

 Ghirardelli Banana Split w/ chocolate & vanilla ice cream
I feel like I'm supposed to say something like "It tastes like heaven in your mouth" but I'm actually not much of a chocolate/ice cream person. This tasted really good though and the Ghirardelli cafe is quite cute.
Why is it that bananas taste 10x better in America?? Even when they're not covered in ice cream.

Also I noticed that my posts are quite long so the scrollbar is tiny . . 
I want to put a "Read More" but I really hate those, sorry 


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