May 6, 2014

San Francisco Road Trip January 2014 PART 1

The day after Christmas 2013 my family went on a road trip from B.C to San Francisco. It was a ~4 hour drive but totally worth it to miss Boxing Day (2 years in a row so far, last time I went to L.A/Vegas). Despite trying my hardest to be a vampire whenever I go outside, I have to admit I enjoyed the sunshine. It makes all the photos look better.

I took a ton of photos, so I think there will be 3 parts.
Most of the photos were taken w/ an iPhone 4S & edited with Meitu xiuxiu's online photo editor.

Ok so technically the first few pictures aren't in San Francisco, but I forgot the name of the place. It's close enough.

You can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the far distance

One of the few pics I have of my "long" hair

 oh god this place is insanely sunny

 Ok I'm sorry I don't know what this place is called either, just know it took a lot of driving to get there and see a far away view of the bridge.

 Path to the Lighthouse

 These photos were basically black, but with some editing they don't look bad.

G O L D E N  G A T E  P A R K

 I love how detailed this artwork is

View of the park from de Young Museum

Me refusing to cooperate w/ my mom because she's the type of person to make you smile in front of the camera for 2 minutes before she takes the picture =o=
Also the de Young Museum is the black building in the background.

On the Golden Gate Bridge


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